How Tablets Help You Cater To Guests During A Pandemic

Guests in hotel during pandemic

As the world adds phrases to our discourse such as “New Normal” and “Social Distancing” and the country begins to reopen the economy in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, it is important we all start making plans for how to navigate life in our near future.  This includes how hotels, healthcare facilities, and others in the hospitality industry will navigate their operations during COVID-19.

We’ve come up with some of our own ideas on how in-room tablets help guests or patients during a pandemic, and have spoken to our clients on what they believe is the best practice for their businesses going forth.  It is clear that in-room concierge tablets can play heavily into a safe and effective “New Normal” that emphasizes a personalized experience for those staying at your property or facility.

Volo Tablets Keep Guests Informed During the Pandemic

The resounding consensus we hear from our clients is their desire to create a humanized stay when physical distance from their guests is required.  Innkeeper Michael Biggs of The Peerless Hotel in Ashland, Oregon notes that greeting his customers in a mask and gloves will be an unfortunate reality for the moment. His concern for his staff and guests at this property means they will be limiting their face to face interactions while maintaining the superior service they are known for. Having all of the boutique hotel’s information in one digital application such as news and restaurant and bar menus means a limit to multiple touchpoints for guests and staff.  

In-Room Concierge Tablets Create a Safe and Efficient Delivery System

Similarly, the owners of Julie’s Motel in Fish Creek, Wisconsin, have created an extensive list of Virtual Housekeeping section of regularly requested items that guests can order from the front desk without having face to face contact with a staff member. Once the item/items are requested, a staff member will respond with a chat message via the tablet and then they will place the ordered items at the guest door in hygienically sealed wrapping.  They will also continue to make use of their extensive menu of locally prepared food and locally sourced wine, and beer and plan to deliver these in a related fashion. Their wish is to bring their loyal customers the comforts and amenities they are used to while providing a safe distance for all.

Volo Tablets Help Your Property Maintain a Personal Connection

Other clients mention that they view in-room tablets as an extension of their staff, as well, even before physical distance was a concern.  With the inclusion of staff photos and bios, along with the customization of brand and specific facility information, the tablets serve to remind guests that there is a human element operating for their comfort and safety.  Real-time chat messaging and immediate responses to requests ensure that guests and staff can be in constant communication if they desire.  Users of Volo can benefit from instant updates to information, such as a facility’s Covid-19 policy, and be assured of the latest practices taken by owners and staff.

Volo Tablets Are Easily Sanitized During and After the Pandemic

In addition to the many features in-room tablets provide, the best news is that they are easily sanitized and disinfected by wiping down with an Apple-approved disinfectant such as Clorox wipes or a cloth moistened with 70% alcohol.  The design of the iPads we use for the Volo application has smooth surfaces and few crevices, so the sanitization process is highly effective over telephones or remotes that are hard to clean. And having all information in one digital application such as news, restaurant and bar menus, and facility details means a limit to multiple touchpoints.  No newspapers handled multiple times before it reaches a guest, or a messy paper guest directory that is hard to disinfect between uses!

We realize the effect that Covid-19 has had on the hospitality and healthcare industry and implementing improvements to our product so that these sectors can be assured going forth they are providing the safest service available. Contact us today as we welcome the chance to speak with anyone who has questions or comments about their “New Normal.”

Cleaning & Disinfecting Tips for Apple iPads

Disinfecting ipads during covid-19

We know that you and your staff are concerned about the coronavirus and diligently making sure all surfaces in your facility are being disinfected regularly. Disinfecting Apple iPads at your property or facility is just as important. We have always recommended following Apple’s instructions for wiping down and cleaning the iPads you are using in your property rooms.

We wanted to let you know that in response to concerns about disinfecting iPads and iPhones to keep the virus at bay, Apple has updated their policy as follows:

Using a 70 percent isopropyl alcohol wipe or Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, you may gently wipe the hard, nonporous surfaces of your Apple product, such as the display, keyboard, or other exterior surfaces. Don’t use bleach. Avoid getting moisture in any opening, and don’t submerge your Apple product in any cleaning agents. Don’t use on fabric or leather surfaces.

Please continue to avoid spraying the devices directly, and do not use window cleaner, bleach or abrasives when wiping down. Not following these recommendations can result in damages to your iPads. And remember to also wipe down your cords and chargers, as guests tend to handle these for their personal use as well.

For further instructions, you can find more information at Apple Support following this link. Also, do please reach out to us at Volo if you have any comments or questions. We are always happy to help!

Volo named finalist in 2020 Hotel Tech Awards

Hotel tech report


Volo Hospitality Systems Finals as one of the Top Guest Room Tablets for Hotels in the 2020 HotelTechAwards

We’re excited to share that Volo Hospitality Systems has been named a finalist in the 2020 HotelTechAwards produced by Hotel Tech Report. Each month, more than 40,000 hotel industry professionals use to make informed purchasing decisions. The HotelTechAwards are based on customer feedback and have never been influenced by analyst opinion or status as a Hotel Tech Report customer. (To learn more about the HotelTechAwards ranking, check out the HotelTechAwards scoring criteria breakdown)

Reviews from verified users of Volo highlight features like product innovation, customizable content and ease of use to stellar customer service.

See what some users think about Volo’s in-room tablet solution in their own words:

“Wonderful! It enhances our guest’s experience and saves us on labor and natural resources.”
Verified User | Manager | Boutique Hotel

“The Volo team works effortlessly to help us keep our content current and are constantly identifying new ways to bring a higher degree of value to our customers. It’s their human touch that has made all of the difference, and enabled us to take our guest services to a new level.”
Verified User | Owner | Boutique Hotel

“Volo’s platform is very interactive and easy to use. Guests love the ability to learn additional details about the building or order room service. Volo continues to upgrade and innovate.”
Verified User | Chief Culture Officer | Medical Resort

We would like to say a big “thank you” to all who shared reviews on Hotel Tech Report. At Volo, customer experience is a big part of our history and continues to be our passion. Exceeding your expectations and listening to your feedback is critical to our success.

Official 2020 HotelTechAwards Announcement

Makers of SynergyMMS Partners With Volo Hospitality Systems

SynergyMMS and Volo join forces for superior hospitality technology

BOWLING GREEN, OH, USA – Systems Associates, Inc., makers of SynergyMMS, a hotel operational efficiency software system, announced its partnership with Austin, TX-based Volo! Hospitality Systems, an in-room tablet solution. This integration will produce improved guest experience and staff service in hotels everywhere.

This partnership combines both companies’ expert knowledge to engage guests during their stay and connect the guests with hotel operations. The combined solution provides hotel staff with tools to deliver a quality, consistent product experience to guests through an intuitive and efficient way to communicate. “We are extremely excited to partner with SynergyMMS and integrate our in-room tablet solution with their operational efficiency system, streamlining guest requests, orders and messages which will increase our clients’ staff efficiency and improve their overall guest experience,” said Benjamin Londa, Chief Operations Officer for Volo! Hospitality Systems.

These integrated systems will allow hotel staff to be more efficient by keeping track of all requests made by the in-room tablets. Volo! allows guests to interact with the hotel and keeps guests up to date with promotional offers, events, and information about the hotel. Guests can order room service, create requests, and even book appointments with amenities of the property. With the integration to SynergyMMS, requests flow directly to the proper department based on intelligent dispatching that sends work based on time of day, day of week, talent required, and who is available. This instant communication results in speedy service and quicker issue resolution time.

“Volo! creates a channel through which guest requests can flow directly to those responsible for fulfilling those same requests. This bypasses layers in communication and eliminates errors in information often resulting from relays or translation of data. Further, through our interface, Volo! is able to leverage the prioritization and routing tools already in use at the property through SynergyMMS. This collective solution is a real win-win for both guests and properties,” said John Clark, SynergyMMS Vice President.

About Systems Associates Inc.

Systems Associates Inc. is a developer of software and hardware solutions for Maintenance and Energy Management in the hospitality, education, government, commercial real estate, and retail markets. Operating in the cloud, these enterprise solutions give customers global access to innovative technologies. SynergyMMS improves the condition of a property by creating “synergy” between the various departments involved in the maintenance process thereby increasing the productivity of staff and the longevity of assets. With over 30+ years of quality relationships, SAI’s experience and portfolio is an excellent resource for hospitality clients globally. For more information on SAI and/or its CONTROLIQ and SynergyMMS solutions, visit,, and respectively.

About Volo! Hospitality Solutions

Volo is an in-room tablet solution that gives your guests interactive, touchscreen access to all of your hotel amenities. Volo’s sleek and elegant design will engage your guests from the moment they enter the room. Your style, your brand, your amenities – all displayed beautifully on our customized Apple iPads. Volo is designed to be a profit center and not a cost, by driving revenue through up-sells and cross-sells of food, beverage and amenities, real-time service recovery and improved reputation management, cost savings from staff efficiency and reduced printing, and push notifications for promotions and direct bookings. Ultimately, more engagement and a better guest experience translates to real and measurable value to your hotel. Built on an open API, Volo can be integrated with your existing systems or deployed as a standalone, drop-and-go solution. For more information on Volo, please visit click here.

Heywood Hotel in Austin Deploys Volo Hospitality Systems

Heywood Hotel in Austin, Texas

The Heywood Hotel Introduces In-Room Digital Concierge System

Brand New Offering Developed by Austin-Based Volo

Austin, TX, March 2019 – The Heywood Hotel is pleased to introduce a new in-room Digital Concierge tablet system, developed by Austin-based hospitality company Volo, available for guests to make the most of their stay. The new high-tech system will be implemented at the hotel starting this month, just in time for the South by Southwest Conference and Festival, March 8-17, 2019.

Each of the seven rooms at the Heywood Hotel will now be fully equipped with an elegantly designed in-room tablet outlining hotel information, amenities, and hand-selected recommendations from the knowledgeable locals on the Heywood concierge team.  The tablets feature fully customized content provided by the Heywood Hotel, and the sleek in-room tablets give hotel guests 24/7 interactive, touchscreen access to all hotel amenities along with helpful advice for making the most of their time in Austin.

“We are excited to offer this new amenity to help visitors discover Austin’s best sights, sounds, eats and drinks, as a part of the Heywood Hotel mission to deliver ‘a perfect 24 hours in Austin,’ says Heywood Hotel’s Owner and General Manager, Kathy Setzer. “Our Digital Concierge tablets provide a carefully curated selection of our favorite recommendations – only places we’ve personally tried and love – and are intended to augment the highly personalized, first-class concierge service that the Heywood Hotel is known for.”

The Austin experts at the Heywood Hotel have worked hand-in-hand with the technical experts at Volo in order to ensure the Digital Concierge systems are easy to use and provide the most valuable information for travelers. The Heywood Digital Concierge system will be one of Austin’s best resources for information about the city and how to navigate a perfect trip here.

Rates for the Heywood Hotel range from $179 – $319 in the low season (Summer and Winter) and $209 – $349 in the high season (Spring and Fall).

For more information on the Heywood Hotel or to book a room, please visit


The Heywood Hotel is a luxury boutique hotel located in Austin, Texas, featuring one of the most unique boutique experiences in North America. Opened in 2012 by local Austin couple Kathy Setzer and George Reynolds, the woman-owned and -operated property has an architecturally stunning design, and is home to seven “lucky” suites throughout 3,200 square feet.

The hotel’s unique design was completed by award-winning Austin-based architecture firm KRDB, whose creative reimagining transformed a modest bungalow into its current, progressive seven-suite format. Each en-suite room features a Scandinavian-influenced interior, with modern furniture and an abundance of natural light. The design touches run throughout the space, from the soaring ceilings of the reception area through the textiles and ceramics, almost exclusively made by Austin artisans. In addition to the custom-designed furniture and locally sourced artwork adorning the rooms, a second floor courtyard terrace crowns the property, and encourages relaxing evenings viewing the storied Texas stars.

Rates for the Heywood Hotel range from $179 – $319 in the low season (Summer and Winter) and $209 – $349 in the high season (Spring and Fall).

For more information & property images, please click here.


Volo is an Austin, Texas-based in-room tablet solution designed for the hospitality industry. The brainchild of co-founders Donald Craven, Jr., Benjamin Londa, and JP Maxwell, Volo aims to revolutionize the hotel guest experience with its ease of use, seamless functionality, and customized personalization. Volo proves to be a profit center and not a cost by driving revenue through up-sells and cross-sells, real-time service recovery and improved reputation management, cost savings from staff efficiency and reduced printing, and push notifications for promotions and direct bookings. Ultimately, more engagement and a better guest experience translate to real and measurable value to your property. Volo is built from the ground up using scalable cloud architecture. With no upfront costs and minimal staff training, Volo can be deployed as a stand-alone, drop-and- go solution. Together we can optimize your guest experience.