How Tablets Help You Cater To Guests During A Pandemic

Guests in hotel during pandemic

As the world adds phrases to our discourse such as “New Normal” and “Social Distancing” and the country begins to reopen the economy in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, it is important we all start making plans for how to navigate life in our near future.  This includes how hotels, healthcare facilities, and others in the hospitality industry will navigate their operations during COVID-19.

We’ve come up with some of our own ideas on how in-room tablets help guests or patients during a pandemic, and have spoken to our clients on what they believe is the best practice for their businesses going forth.  It is clear that in-room concierge tablets can play heavily into a safe and effective “New Normal” that emphasizes a personalized experience for those staying at your property or facility.

Volo Tablets Keep Guests Informed During the Pandemic

The resounding consensus we hear from our clients is their desire to create a humanized stay when physical distance from their guests is required.  Innkeeper Michael Biggs of The Peerless Hotel in Ashland, Oregon notes that greeting his customers in a mask and gloves will be an unfortunate reality for the moment. His concern for his staff and guests at this property means they will be limiting their face to face interactions while maintaining the superior service they are known for. Having all of the boutique hotel’s information in one digital application such as news and restaurant and bar menus means a limit to multiple touchpoints for guests and staff.  

In-Room Concierge Tablets Create a Safe and Efficient Delivery System

Similarly, the owners of Julie’s Motel in Fish Creek, Wisconsin, have created an extensive list of Virtual Housekeeping section of regularly requested items that guests can order from the front desk without having face to face contact with a staff member. Once the item/items are requested, a staff member will respond with a chat message via the tablet and then they will place the ordered items at the guest door in hygienically sealed wrapping.  They will also continue to make use of their extensive menu of locally prepared food and locally sourced wine, and beer and plan to deliver these in a related fashion. Their wish is to bring their loyal customers the comforts and amenities they are used to while providing a safe distance for all.

Volo Tablets Help Your Property Maintain a Personal Connection

Other clients mention that they view in-room tablets as an extension of their staff, as well, even before physical distance was a concern.  With the inclusion of staff photos and bios, along with the customization of brand and specific facility information, the tablets serve to remind guests that there is a human element operating for their comfort and safety.  Real-time chat messaging and immediate responses to requests ensure that guests and staff can be in constant communication if they desire.  Users of Volo can benefit from instant updates to information, such as a facility’s Covid-19 policy, and be assured of the latest practices taken by owners and staff.

Volo Tablets Are Easily Sanitized During and After the Pandemic

In addition to the many features in-room tablets provide, the best news is that they are easily sanitized and disinfected by wiping down with an Apple-approved disinfectant such as Clorox wipes or a cloth moistened with 70% alcohol.  The design of the iPads we use for the Volo application has smooth surfaces and few crevices, so the sanitization process is highly effective over telephones or remotes that are hard to clean. And having all information in one digital application such as news, restaurant and bar menus, and facility details means a limit to multiple touchpoints.  No newspapers handled multiple times before it reaches a guest, or a messy paper guest directory that is hard to disinfect between uses!

We realize the effect that Covid-19 has had on the hospitality and healthcare industry and implementing improvements to our product so that these sectors can be assured going forth they are providing the safest service available. Contact us today as we welcome the chance to speak with anyone who has questions or comments about their “New Normal.”