Tips For How Your Hotel Can Stay Competitive in the Digital Age

hotel in room tablets

Today, guests are demanding a quicker, safer, and more virtual hospitality experience when traveling. This means that transitioning some or all of your services to a digital experience is key to your business plan. Here are some tips for how your hotel can stay competitive in the digital age.

Get In-Room Tablets

In-room tablets allow your guests to navigate through all your hotel or property has to offer. In-room tablets also help your hotel save and make money through up-selling, cross-selling, service recovery, and more.

Volo’s in-room tablet solution proves to be a profit center, not a cost, by driving revenue through up-sells and cross-sells of food, beverage, and amenities, and even push notifications for promotions or direct bookings. Volo also helps save money by ensuring real-time service recovery and improved reputation management, and cost savings from staff efficiency and reduced printing. Ultimately, more engagement and improved guest experience translate to real and measurable value to any hotel.

Dive Into In-Room Fitness

The ability to exercise is something that many guests demand during their stay. However, it can be difficult in today’s understaffed world to keep up with fitness facilities or workout areas. One solution is to bring the workout to guests via virtual exercise classes on your hotel’s in-room tablets.

We recommend using FitOn for virtual exercise classes and workouts. FitOn is the ultimate social health experience to help your guests get moving and stay motivated. Your guests can lose weight and get fit anytime, anywhere with FitOn’s exercise videos and personalized workout plans. Guests can enjoy fresh, tailored content across fitness, mindfulness, nutrition, sleep, yoga and more, along with inspiring programs and advice from celebrity trainers.

Use Contactless Food & Beverage Payment and Ordering

There are countless benefits of contactless payment and ordering. With contactless food and beverage ordering, your guests can order from their in-room tablet or wherever they might be headed next – poolside, rooftop, patio, and even on the golf course!

GoTab is a contactless food and beverage ordering platform that acts as a layer between your in-room tablets and your current POS system, meaning orders placed on your Volo in-room tablets will go straight to your POS system and print tickets just as they normally would. This eliminates the need for manually inputting orders into your POS system. Interested in changing POS systems completely? GoTab has you covered.

To top it off, you’ll get access to reports that show your sales in each location from one week to the next, which we also integrate into our Volo monthly reports.

Entertain Your Guests with Subscriptions

Guests want entertainment, even if that’s during their down time at your hotel. Offering in-room tablets with access to subscriptions can help your guests feel entertained and connected during their stay. Access to newspaper subscriptions and apps like Magazine Jukebox can provide your guests with enormous amounts of content and keep them entertained right in their rooms.

Utilize Digital Tipping

Tipping has always been an essential part of the hospitality industry. Tips don’t just help hotel staff make ends meet; they contribute to a culture of financial wellness. However, fewer guests carry cash on them than in earlier years, diminishing the amount of tips your staff earns. With eTip, your guests can tip your housekeeping or concierge staff with the touch a button on their phones or in-room tablets without needing cash. Cashless tipping has become more popular since the start of COVID-19. However, new touch-less practices are not exclusive to a pandemic year. Hotel staff are more likely to stay at a hotel and long to work at a hotel where they know there is digital tipping.

Provide Online Spa or Salon Booking

Guests no longer want to call down to the front desk or book through a third party. Let your guests relax even before their spa treatment with in-room booking right from your in-room tablets.

Klickbook is a cloud-based all-in-one Spa/Salon software management system that helps to streamline operations and generate revenue. The software provides online booking for any services, a Retail POS, Inventory management, Group Booking, Staff/Resource scheduling, Marketing, CRM, Medical Charting, Reports, Locker Management, Form Designer, Loyalty Points, and more. Klickbook also provides Head-Office functionality which allows you to manage multiple properties from a central location.

Klickbook’s Online booking platform integrates with the Volo in-room tablet solution so guests are able to easily book any service they need right from their room. Klickbook integrates with multiple Property Management Systems including Infor & Opera and is open to integrating with any new PMS to make the guest experience as seamless as possible.