Volo’s Exclusive Partnership With GoTab

Volo has partnered with GoTab to give your guests easy ways to pay for their food and drinks. With Volo’s GoTab integration, your guests can order from their in-room tablet or wherever they might be headed next – poolside, rooftop, patio, and even on the golf course! With GoTab’s POS integrations, the Volo staff portal becomes optional for purchases – GoTab can act as a layer between Volo and your current POS system, meaning orders placed on Volo will go straight to your POS system and print tickets just as they normally would. This eliminates the need for manually inputting orders from the Volo Staff Portal into your POS system.

To top it off, you’ll get access to reports that show your sales in each location from one week to the next, which we will also integrate into our Volo monthly reports. Interested in changing POS systems completely? GoTab has you covered.

Here are some of the advantages of using GoTab with Volo:


  • Run the entire system on your existing hardware.
  • When ordering, guests can also scan QR codes from any location on their mobile device.
  • Allow your guests to pre-order amenities before their stay, open a tab and take it with them across your hotel, or leverage in-room dining.
  • With Volo’s GoTab integration, menus can be active or disabled during your specified days and/or times. When your POS menu in GoTab is updated, the changes reflect everywhere – Volo, your POS, QR codes, everywhere.

Increased Revenue:

  • Streamline customer ordering with embedded payments. Guests spend 25%+ more when leveraging GoTab powered by Volo in-room tablets.
  • Run GoTab across your resort and add contactless payment at various revenue centers.
  • Get insight to valuable data showing your most profitable locations.
  • GoTab operators process more transactions – typically 3-5 times more at peak versus a traditional POS.

Contactless Technology:

  • Give guests full control of their experience, and embed online ordering and payments without hassle.
  • Real-time guest feedback at your fingertips
  • Two-way SMS communication. Hotel staff can text a customer to let them know of out-of-stock items, delays, or when an item is ready.
  • Customers can create a running tab, eliminating the number of payment transactions and operator expenses. Customers can then “one-tap” re-order, building a running tab. Customers do not even need to close their tab – GoTab closes the tab at the end of each day.

Personalized Guest Experience:

  • Zones are built to tailor a unique experience to where the customer is sitting, enabling operators to differentiate their service model and offerings based on where guests are located.
  • With GoTab segments, you can understand who your guests are and can create offers and promotions to elevate the guest experience.
  • Provide custom or “secret” menus to VIPs, high spenders, or regulars, providing a personalized touch.
  • Tabs can be shared with others in the area, or even texted to friends.

It’s easy to integrate GoTab into your existing Volo system. To set up a GoTab integration for your Volo tablets, click here.

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