Things You Can Do With Volo In-Room Tablets – Make a Reservation

Make a reservation at your hotel’s restaurant with an in-room tablet

Volo aims to deliver state-of-the-art software solutions to hotels and AirBNBs across the world. There are a plethora of things you and your guests can do with Volo’s in-room tablet interface. From scheduling wake-up calls to making a dinner reservation, there are so many ways that Volo gives your guests a better travel experience.

In this blog post, we’ll cover one of the most crucial parts of a vacation – food! Going out to eat and exploring local cuisine is essential while traveling. Volo tablets give your guests ample choices for dining at your hotel’s restaurant or around the block.

Champion Your Hotel’s Restaurant

Have a restaurant or dining area on-site? We’ll display your restaurant’s menu, photos, hours, and more on our in-room tablets. With Volo, it’s easy to advertise your hotel’s restaurant and keep your guests on-campus. 

Once on your restaurant’s page, users can easily view your menu, make a reservation for any size party, and even meet your staff. 

You can use this page to include important updates about your restaurant, whether it be new COVID-19 restrictions, deals, or other news. Volo tablets also allow for sending push notifications, which means you’re able to send alerts, vouchers, restaurant discounts, or other messages directly to your guests before they even open your restaurant’s page.

Showcase Other Restaurant Options

Know the best dining spots near your hotel? Working with you, we’ll put together a list of local flavor destinations on every in-room tablet. Or, we can do all the heavy lifting for you by researching the best restaurants near your hotel.

Once a comprehensive list of restaurants has been created, users can browse for whatever they’re feeling at that moment. Whether the cuisine is Indian, American, sushi, or even frozen yogurt, your guests can choose which restaurant they want to support. Users can also read restaurant descriptions, view photos, and more. 

Give Your Guests What They Want

Having food options built into your rooms makes for a better guest experience. Food is an essential part of traveling, and without proper direction, your guests will look elsewhere or get frustrated with the lack of care.

Interested in amplifying your hotel’s restaurant or local scene? Send us a message to set up a no-obligation demo for your hotel or AirBNB.