Things You Can Do With Volo Tablets: Enjoy In-Room Fitness

Do you have a gym or fitness center on-site that needs routine staffing or cleaning? Or, are you lacking a fitness center and exercise opportunities for your guests? Both scenarios aren’t ideal in today’s understaffed and demanding hospitality industry.

Allow your guests to enjoy workouts at their fingertips. Now, on-demand workouts and instructor-led exercise classes are available to properties using Volo in-room tablets. Your guests will benefit from complimentary on-demand and live classes straight from the tablet in the privacy of their rooms without the need to access a gym or exercise equipment. Finally –  club-quality exercise experience wherever your guests may be, and whenever they want to train.

Volo Fitness gives your guests access to top-tier workout classes taught by instructors around the world. Class types include cardio, conditioning, mind & body, kids & family, and more. From yoga and pilates to intense strength training, there are classes for everyone at every level. Here are some of our favorite benefits of Volo Fitness:

  • Workout anywhere – in the gym, at home, or abroad
  • Access to 700+ high quality curated virtual classes
  • Multiple world-class virtual content providers
  • Celebrity instructors in global locations
  • Functional classes – Beginner to Pro
  • New classes & content providers added regularly
  • Workouts in multiple languages
  • Upload your own content via the Connect feature
  • Easily search and save your favorite classes
  • Fitness inspiration! Discover new classes with our innovative content collections

 “Fitness and wellness have become a top priority for travelers, with studies showing that 48% of guests rank a property’s wellness options as ‘very important,’” says Volo’s CEO, Benjamin Londa. “With hotels adapting to the new normal, the option of an in-room fitness amenity could very well become a necessity.”

Your guests can opt-in for a 24 hour free trial, and then pay for a simple, low-cost subscription plan should they wish to continue using Volo Fitness after their stay. If you’re not already using Volo Fitness or Volo in-room tablets in general, reach out to us and we can get you started.

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